The Bureau of Prison (BOP) Residential Drug Abuse Program (RDAP) in the strictest sense is not a time off strategy, as you must qualify for the Program.  However, if you do qualify, you can receive up to a year off for completing the 9 month program.  As a previous White Collar Defendant and RDAP Graduate, and now a Legal Consultant for Federal Criminal Defense Consulting, LLC (FCDC), I highly recommend you take the program if you qualify.  The RDAP Section in the FCDC Legal Guide is a significant portion of the Defense Strategies Chapter since it is a viable option for White Collar Defendants to get help and obtain time off their sentence (the Guide contains substantial insider information on RDAP).


ü  Drug or Alcohol Abuse within the year prior to incarceration.

ü  The Drug or Alcohol Abuse is documented in the PSR (if not in your PSR, you can still get in the program – I did!  Consult the FCDC Legal Guide).

ü  For the time off, must be convicted of a non-violent offense, without any gun charges or sexual abuse offenses.

ü  Defendant qualifies for Community Placement (Halfway House) when the program is completed.

ü  Any prior adult criminal record convictions may disqualify an inmate for Early Release (based on the discretion of the BOP Director).

ü  Detainers or Non-Concurrent State Charges can disqualify the Time Off Component.


ü  [Time Off the Sentence]:

·         Must have a minimum sentence of 37 months to obtain up to a year off.

·         Sentences in 31-36 month range can get up to 9 months off.

·         Sentences 30 months or less, up to 6 months off.

ü  Help the Defendant with life problems, along with Alcohol / Drug Abuse issues.

ü  Extended Halfway House (RRC) time:  6 months

ü  RDAP Graduates typically transition to Home Confinement faster.

ü  RDAP Living Units are much better Prison Living.

Program Tips

ü  Ensure the Defendants Alcohol / Drug Abuse is well documented in the PSR (if currently imprisoned and not in PSR, you can still qualify!)

ü  Go to counseling prior to incarceration; disclose your Drug / Alcohol Abuse Problems.  Have the Psychologist or Psychiatrist write a Diagnosis Letter.

ü  Have the Sentencing Judge include RDAP Recommendation and BOP Designation Location in the Sentence Judgment.

ü  During Pre-Trial / Prior to Reporting to Prison:  attend AA, NA or Smart Recovery.

ü  During your incarceration and prior to starting RDAP, take the 20 or 40 Hour Drug Education Class.

ü  Immediately upon reporting to Prison put in a Staff Request Form (Cop Out) to the Psychology Department / Drug Counselor requesting an RDAP eligibility interview.

The FCDC Legal Book, The Federal White Collar Criminal Defense Guide, has extensive information on the RDAP Program, including:

ü  Program Requirements

ü  RDAP Contract Terms

ü  Program Expectations

ü  Program Format

ü  Treatment Interview & Tests

ü  Treatment Community

ü  RDAP Philosophy

ü  Program Rules

ü  Program Withdrawal

ü  Early Completion

ü  RDAP Staff

ü  RDAP Unit Life

And more…..

For more information on RDAP go to the BOP Website and search for Program Statement 5330.11.

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